Motorola XPR 4550 Desktop Microphone Button Left and Right

Motorola XPR 4550 Desktop Microphone Button Left and Right

My question is: The RMN5050 microphone I'm using for the radio has two buttons on it. The right-side "lightning bolt" button is the PTT button to transmit, but I can't figure out what the left-side "speaker icon" button does. When I try to push it, nothing appears to happen.

Does anybody know what the purpose of the left-side "speaker icon" button is?

See below for an image of the Motorola RMN5050 microphone I'm using:

Ham Radio DMR MotoTrbo Mobile

Motorola XPR4550 Mobile Radio Specifications

Connect Plus
Unify your entire enterprise with this scalable, multi-site digital trunking system that coordinates resources using a dedicated control channel. Calls can be queued during busy times until an open channel is available, important users can be assigned priority status and a wireline console can be used for centralized dispatch.

Linked Capacity Plus
Expand the capacity and extend the coverage of MOTOTRBO with this multi-site, digital, entry-level trunking system. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus with the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep employees at many locations affordably connected.

Capacity Plus
Opt for this single site, digital entry-level trunking system that maximizes the capacity of MOTOTRBO by connecting several repeaters together. You can use it for a high volume of voice and data communication and link over a thousand users at a single site without adding new frequencies. The Digital Voting option offers an enhanced level of coverage for wide areas and difficult geographies.

IP Site Connect
Use your IP network to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO by linking repeaters together. You can create a continuous network that covers employees at 15 geographically-dispersed locations. You can also link up to 15 sites to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site that has physical barriers.

Motorola XPR 4550 Mototrbo Mobile Radio: Overview

Motorola XPR 4550 Mototrbo Mobile Radio: Overview

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 4550 digital mobile radios provide a cost effective solution that provides clearer voice communications, easy migration from analog to digital and utilizes Motorola's state-of-the art IMPRES technology in audio accessories plus additional functionality including dispatch data, and enhanced call signaling. The XPR 4550 offers all of the features of the XPR4300 plus Location Services (GPS location tracking).

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DMR-MARC Network
DMR-MARC The Motorola Amateur Radio Club TRBO DMR Network. ... 
ALL DMR-MARC trustees and bridge partners to ONLY use the below firmware. .
@va3agv -

mototrbo xpr 4550 / xpr 4580 display mobile user guide

mototrbo xpr 4550 / xpr 4580 display mobile user guide

updating motorola firmware ham radio

Motorola Keypad Microphone - RMN5127 vs RMN5065 vs HMN4079

Motorola Keypad Microphone

Motorola RMN5127A
MotoTRBO IMPRES - 4-Way Navigation Keypad Microphone with Enhanced Audio

Motorola RMN5065
MotoTRBO IMPRES Keypad Microphone

Motorola HMN4079F
Motorola APX or XTL
Motorola Keypad Microphone

Motorola MotoTRBO Test - DMR vs Analogue FM on VHF

Motorola MotoTRBO Test - DMR vs Analogue FM on VHF

Testing DMR vs Analogue FM in a moving environment.

I'm using a Motorola DM3600 mobile set to 5W output, antenna on the vehicle is a Panorama magmount with a VHF whip.

The RX radio is a Motorola DP3400 connected to an external 0 dbd Omni at about 12m above ground, connected with around 5m of RG213.

DP3400 was set to scan two channels, one digital and one analogue so you can hear a fair comparison as transmissions were less than two seconds apart.

In my opinion, the radio does a very good job of cleaning up scratchy signals and copes well with RF noise too.

I left the noise cancelling software checked by mistake on the PC Line In, so that's actually smoothing out some of the noise on the analogue audio.

Both of these radio's were on early firmware versions, they have since been updated to the latest and I will be testing again to see if audio is better still.

CPS Error 1687 on xpr4550

I just recently updated my CPS software to version 12.0 Build 642 on windows 10 and I was trying to update firmware. I connected the OEM cable to USB port and I could hear the computer making the sound that it was connected. I went to settings, connected devices and shows "USB Serial Device (COM4)". Shouldn't that say Motorola radio or something like that?

From the software I tried to read the radio but kept getting error #1687 Unable to detect applicable devices(s)